cool ..., OpenAI just dropped the AI mic with these announcements! ,I feel like I've just witnessed the Avengers assembling, but in the tech universe. Let's break down this buffet of innovation:

GPT-4 Turbo with a 128k context length - It's like giving your AI superhero a turbo boost, making it cheaper, faster, and with a memory that can rival an elephant's. Who needs a sidekick when you have a context window longer than my weekend to-do list?

Substantial price reductions - Cheaper AI? That's music to every developer's ears! It's like having a Black Friday sale, but for coding. Sorry, budget constraints, but OpenAI just threw you out the window!

New text-to-speech model and API - OpenAI is now giving voices to the voiceless... well, the textless? And at a fraction of the cost compared to ElevenLabs? It's like getting a high-quality concert ticket for the price of a microwave burrito.

Whisper v3 - Automatic Speech Recognition on steroids! It's like upgrading from a walkie-talkie to a satellite phone. Goodbye, language barriers, hello global communication domination!

Assistants API and Retrieval - No more fancy RAG pipelines, just upload files and let the AI magic happen. It's like having a personal assistant that doesn't ask for coffee breaks or a raise. Take that, LangChain!

GPTs and the GPT Store - The birth of ChatGPT's customizable siblings, and they're monetizable? It's like the App Store, but for your personalized AI sidekicks. Move over, Siri, there's a new GPT in town!

Other announcements - DALL-E 3 API, custom models, GPT-4 fine-tuning, higher rate limits, JSON mode, a seed parameter, and a Copyright Shield! It's like OpenAI just opened Pandora's box of awesomeness. Can I get a "Hallelujah" for the Copyright Shield?

In the grand scheme of things, OpenAI isn't just knocking on the door of a new era; it's kicked it wide open! The future of AI isn't coming—it's already here, and it's wearing a cape.

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Nov 7, 2023Liked by Sahar Mor

Thanks for the summary! It's easy elsewhere to get distracted by lot's of marketing hype

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Thanks Jeremy!

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