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San Francisco, August 2022

Why I’ve started AI Tidbits?

There is immense progress happening in the generative AI space—from groundbreaking commercial releases such as GPT and DALL-E to open-source ones such as Stable Diffusion and EleutherAI’s LAION 5B dataset.

Staying up to date is hard. I follow 10 AI-focused newsletters which cover the same news but with much commentary, resulting in long weekly round-ups only covering part of the updates due to the length limitation.

Too much to read and we are all too busy.

So, I've created this newsletter to share a weekly roundup of AI news to stay in the know in <2 mins. A few months later, Arthur Mor joined to help curate this firehose of progress.

We promise: No personal takes, No summaries, and No endless scrolling. There are enough of those newsletters already.

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About us

Hey, we are Sahar Mor and Arthur Mor.

Sahar has been working in the AI space over the last decade as a Product Manager and an engineer. Currently, he is a PM @ Stripe increasing the adoption of LLMs across the company. He occasionally shares his reflections on AI and enjoys lowering the bar for tinkering with recent open-source models.

Arthur is currently a PM @ Intuit and has been operating in the AI space for the last several years.

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